How do I learn to use the Easy Distiller?
We understand that distilling can sound challenging and can become dangerous if not done with proper knowledge, that is why we recommend you subscribe to Urbatch to learn how to distill and produce quality products at home with the experts. Also with the purchase of your Easy Distiller you will receive a digital recipe book that will guide you in your first steps.
Is this legal?
Our product distills water, spirits, hydrosols, essential oils and tinctures, each one has a different regulation depending on your state or country, you must verify the legality of the activity you plan to do before buying it.  
Can you use fresh fruits and vegetables to make oils and/or infusions?
Many of the botanical ingredients such as leaves, herbs, roots, fruits, peels and barks contain oil or components that can be extracted through our product. However, there are some exceptions, such as almonds or coconut that require mechanical extraction and cannot be extracted with our product.

Can you give us an examplary recipe for something that you can do with both oil and hydrosol?
The uses you can give to essential oils and hydrosols are endless, but we love to use the product you get from chamomile as an example.
OIL: Chamomile boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help soothe the skin, reducing redness and blemishes. It can even relieve skin irritations like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.
When its oil is ingested in small amounts it helps to calm digestive upset, such as indigestion, nausea, or gas.
As you know, chamomile has a very pleasant aroma. Therefore, its hydrosol can be used directly in your diffuser to aromatize your home with natural aromas, on the other hand it is also possible to use it as a flavoring ingredient for culinary creatives to create recipes such as natural refreshing drinks or even chamomile ice cream.
The possibilities of creating are very varied depending on which uses interest you the most! But if there is a specific topic that you would like us to delve into, we will gladly do so.
What is the source of power? Does the product include batteries?
No, the product does not have batteries and is powered by a standard power cord.

What voltage and plug does this product use?
Currently the product only works with the American 110v plug, if you want to use it in other countries that do not use this configuration, you must have a voltage transformer before using it.
How do you separate the oil off the top of the hydrosol?
You can separate the oil using a small jug, you just have to add the content of your distillate slowly until the oil overflows the container and falls into a second container. We also recommend that you purchase our Separatory Kit to make this experience much easier.
How does your distiller deal with the METHANOL output?
The Easy Distiller allows you to enter two temperatures at the beginning: a minimum and a maximum. With this in mind, you enter the temperature in which the methanol hovers to ensure that the first stage consists solely of separating this component. Once the distillation is finished in this temperature range, you discard the product obtained to set the machine around 78º to separate only the Ethanol, or you can set it to 100º to extract some water if you want to extract more characteristics from your ferment.
I found a generic product online that looks similar, what is the difference with yours?

You can find our involvement in the development on our Kickstarter page! From the detection of the need, to the development of the concept, going through the initial sketches to the first 3D modeling. At the time of production, we find a way to save costs by using some pre-existing patterns since making your own molds is considerably expensive, what would raise the price of the final product. Unfortunately, the manufacturing company has not one but several generic products with a similar exterior model. We decided to prioritize quality materials, precision lecture (below you can find out why precision is so important FOR YOUR SAFETY) and accessories over exterior design, this is why we know that although they look somewhat similar, there is a huge difference with our product, for us quality and your safety come first.

This is also why we know that you will not find any product related to Vapour Infusion (something that is key in our product since Vapour Infusion is the best way to make infusions and extract oils without some unwanted components in your final product) others simply does not have the capability for this task, because we made specific developments that cannot be used by the generic products that other companies manufactures since they are from our property.

Another big difference is that you can set two temperatures in order to easily separate dangerous components like METHANOL, this is why we constantly reiterate the importance of precision.