The Easy distiller is the first easy and safe to use home still distiller, it does not need fire to boil or water to cool, it is as easy to use as a microwave.  
Use it to distill herbs, flowers, fruits, peels, seeds, branches and much more, with this you can obtain all kinds of oils and related products.
Hi, I'm Andres Jaramillo, founder of Spirit Hunter and I would like to tell you how this idea was born and how it was developed.
When I finished my innovation master's degree, I associated with my family to produce my first ever retail product, a triple distillation gin with 21 botanical ingredients. At the launch night, we had a big party where several bartenders showed their creations using our gin, I remember that at one point of the night one of the most experienced bartenders came to our table to talk for a moment, after a few minutes he returned with a tray full of drinks with all sizes and colors, he had prepared drinks for each of us based on what he thought we would like. He presented the drinks one by one with great understanding.

The drinks were delicious and with this example, we understood the art of transforming a pre-existing product into something better, but what surprised us the most was his ability to read a customer and create something that satisfies them in a few minutes, because this is something the industry cannot do.
Since that day I asked myself a question, what would happen if a bartender could create their liquors from scratch? This made me consider a new goal: Blur the line that separates the world of a master distiller with the reality of a bartender.

We worked for years on designs and prototypes but we had a hard time finding a way to simplify the process, considering that fire or steam has always been used for the boiling chamber and cold water for condensation, which makes the process dangerous and wasteful.

 One day we found certain medical equipment that has the function of sterilizing and demineralizing water, this was the light we saw to be able to get out of the tunnel and finish the development of the easy distiller.

Months later, we solved three major milestones to finally finish the development: 

1. We manufacture The Easy Distiller with the materials necessary to withstand the pressure and wear produced by alcohol also it was made to resist hard using. 

2. It has the necessary precision to be able to divide the components of the liquids to make the final product safe. 

3. We created an extra piece so you don't have to boil your ingredients, instead you can now vapour infuse them. 

4. It does not use fire or cooling water, you just need to plug it in!